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Full Name : Sabrina Ehsan Porshi

Work : Lead singer Bornomala
Born : 30th july 1996
Interest : To be Preised

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Sabrina Ehsan Porshi



Shabrina ehahan porshi

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Life Events

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She was born on 30 july,1996 to a Muslim family in Dhaka,Banladesh. She grew up in Uttara a small part of Dhaka city with her Mom,Dad, Brother,Grand-Mother,Grand-Father,Uncle and aunty. Her father Ehsan-Ur-Rashid is an Engineer and works for BWDB (Bangladesh Water Development Board) and her mother Julia Ehsan is a house-wife. She also has a brother named Siat Ehsan Shakkhar, Who is almost 3 years her senior.


Porshi lived at Uttara for 14 years .She first started her school from "Oxford foundation school".After completed her 2nd grade,she moved to "Viqarunnesa-noon-school". After she finished her 8th grade, she moved to "Cambrian school and College" and finished her schooling in 2012. She joined "Cambrian College" for to study commerce in 2013.

Dance To Sing

Porshi want to be a dancer in her early age. She learned classical dance in a Dance school "Onjoli Nittokola Niketon". She received various awards, including national awards for her dancing. But beside that she also want to learn singing. Thats why her grand-mother appoint a Song's Teacher ( Niaz Mamun ) for her. And Porshi started to learn classical music From him. Day by day porshi fall in love with the music. Then she left dancing and gave her full Concentration in music.


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Porshi I

Porshi started her music career professionaly when she was in "khude gaan raj" compitition in 2008. She did her first playback recording during the compitition. After the compitition porshi and her brother started to think about her 1st solo album. in 2009 she officially started the work of her solo album "PORSHI". She decided to make the album with 5 music director. They are Bappa Mazumdar, Arfin Rumey, Adit, Shondhi and Mahmud sunny. The album finished in april,2010 .Then Porshi and her family went to different Audio companies to release the album. But Unfourtunately the companies were not wanted to take the risk to release the album. As porshi was a new singer that time the companies thought that if they release the album. Porshi and her family were very upset in that time. At last "Laser Vision" took the risk and release the album in Eid-ul-Fitr 2010. And believe it or not The album was the highest selling album in 2010. Porshi became a massive hit in all over Bangladesh through this album. Some of the songs in that album ( lojja , Tomari porosh ) were in the top chart in 2010.

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Porshi II

After a massive hit album in 2010 , porshi became very busy with her music. She started to work as a playback singer regularly from 2011. Her 1st recorded song in 2011 was "Kothao chile na tumi" from the movie "Lal Tip" with Arfin Rumey.Which also became a very popular movie song .In 2012 porshi started to think about her 2nd solo album "PORSHI 2". 14 february,2012 Porshi released her 2nd solo album. And that album also became very much popular in all over the country. The songs like "Khuje khuje, Boro eka, Shudhu tore, nissho" became very much popular from the album. She also did many playback songs in 2012. And some of the songs like "poth , Ei jibone, Hat bariye dao" turned into a hit. porshi sang all this 3 songs with Arfin Rumey. After gave some hit songs together Porshi and Arfin Rumey became a massive hit singing pair in Bangladesh.

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Porshi III

2013 is a lucky year for porshi. she already did almost 20 playback songs in this year. And in Eid-ul-Ftr she released her 3rd solo album "PORSHI 3". Which was the 2nd highest selling albm among all the Eid released album. "Jonom Jonom , Hridoy amar, Love station, khuda tujhse " Become very popular from this album.


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